Career Profile

Post-Doctoral Associate at Global Monitoring Division (NOAA) and CIRES (Colorado University). During the past 19 years, I have studied air pollution. I have been studying and estimating “a priori” emissions modeling air quality and now I’m focused on the “posteriori” emissions. Also, I have developed software in R and Fortran.


Postdoc NOAA PDF

2022 - Present
National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA and CIRES (Colorado University)

This works consists in Quantifying the Impacts of COVID-19 on CH4 Emissions in North America. Footprints are generated using hysplit for NOAA CH4 Obspack GLOBALVIEW. Then, it is used an inverse model based on carbon-tracker lagranger. I developed an R package named robspackfilter.

Postdoc IPEN - PDF

2021 - 2021
Institute of Nuclear and Energetic Research (IPEN)

This work consisted in participating in the METROCLIMA estimating CO2 emissions and performing inverse modeling.

Postdoc CAS - PDF

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun, Jilin, China

Here it was implemented the VEIN . model in North East China. The resulting manuscript was published in Atmospheric Environment Results. The inventory covered 133 pollutatns with monthly resolution.


2017 - 2021
Universidade de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

This projected consisted in implemented different policy directions in the model VEIN, and calcualte the impact on air quality using the models eixport and WRF-Chem.


IPEN - Inventário de emissões de gases de efeito estufa, transporte e dispersão na Região Metropolitana de São Paulo - Postdoc: Estimate, model and calcualte fluxes of green house gases over the Metropolitan Area of Sao Paulo.
CAS - Vehicular emissions inventory for North East China - Postdoc: Implementation of the VEIN model in North East China
USP - Inventário De Emissões Para As Regiões Metropolitanas De São Paulo E Rio De Janeiro - Postdoc: Development of different vehicular emissions inventory and air quality model runs.
Narrowing the uncertainties on aerosol and climate Changes in Sao Paulo State - NUANCE-SPS - PhD student: A responsive Bootstrap one page theme designed to help app developers promote their mobile apps

Selected Publications

  • VEIN v0. 2.2 An R package for bottom–up vehicular emissions inventories. 2018.
  • Ibarra-Espinosa, S., Ynoue, R., O Sullivan, S., Pebesma, E., Andrade, M. D. F., & Osses, M.
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  • High spatial and temporal resolution vehicular emissions in south-east Brazil with traffic data from real-time GPS and travel demand models. 2020.
  • Ibarra-Espinosa, S., Ynoue, R. Y., Ropkins, K., Zhang, X., & de Freitas, E. D.
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  • Negative-Binomial and quasi-poisson regressions between COVID-19, mobility and environment in São Paulo, Brazil. 2022.
  • Ibarra-Espinosa, S., de Freitas, E. D., Ropkins, K., Dominici, F., & Rehbein, A.
    Environmental research, 204, 112369.
  • A comprehensive spatial and temporal vehicular emissions for northeast China. 2021.
  • Ibarra-Espinosa, S., Zhang, X., Xiu, A., Gao, C., Wang, S., Ba, Q., Gao, C., Chen, W.
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  • eixport An R package to export emissions to atmospheric models. 2018.
  • Ibarra-Espinosa, S., Schuch, D., & de Freitas, E. D.
    Journal of Open Source Software, 3(24), 607.
  • Atmospheric effects of air pollution during dry and wet periods in São Paulo. 2011.
  • Ibarra-Espinosa, S., da Silva, G. A. M., Rehbein, A., Vara-Vela, A., & de Freitas, E. D.
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  • Effects of evaporative emissions control measurements on ozone concentrations in Brazil. 2022.
  • Ibarra-Espinosa, S., Freitas, E. D. D., Andrade, M. D. F., & Landulfo, E.
    Atmosphere, 13(1), 82.
  • Generating traffic flow and speed regional model data using internet GPS vehicle records. 2019.
  • Ibarra-Espinosa, S. Ynoue, R. Giannotti, M. Ropkins, K. Freitas, ED.
    MethodsX, 6, 2065-2075.

    Skills & Proficiency


    Fortran & OMP

    GitHub & GitLab & VSCODE